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What is Periscope? l Fort Myers fun

Have you heard of Periscope? Periscope is a new platform where you get to be infront of the camera and interact with others about different subjects~ some use it to take video of there locations, others use it to interact and make friends.  I LOVE IT!! ~ I am using it to show behind the scenes of my photo shoots. show my photo tips, go behind the scenes of my crazy beautiful life.  So if you are on persicope or want to go and check it out, get the APP on your phone, it is linked with your twitter account so if you have a twitter account already it will be easier. See you on the other side…  and I know what you are thinking, ANOTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM???

YES that was me,

If you have a business of any kind, Persicope is a great platform to share your services on. These days social media is moving so fast that its hard to keep up, which is why  you must get into this new platform because it will take over.

Once on Periscope use the search tool and Find me by doing a search of Natasha Cuevas 🙂


having fun with periscope in fort myers

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