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Want to take better pictures?

Are you wondering how you can improve your iphone photography? I have been a Fort Myers Photographer for over 10 years and can tell you that I remember the times when I had no clue on taking pictures. Starting with a film camera made it more challenging because you couldnt look at your image right away to see if the picture turned out the way you imagined it would. Having not to wait for your photos to get back fom the lab is such a wonderful amazing thing these days. You can improve your photography skills in no time~ and can we talk how it is more affordable?
Since you can overshoot, take pictures over and over without paying for it.
OK SO for those who want to improve even taking pictures with your iphone here are some very basic tips for you.

PART 1 of how to take better pictures

1. Look for the light~ does this mean you have to have these great lighting system, or have a bunch of lights turned on at your house?
You are wanting natural light. IF you are inside your house turn off all of the lights because this creates a bad haze and yellow color to your photos. Look throughout your house for the brightest place~ Place your subject, Child, Dog, your pig pet 🙂 haha infront of that window or source of light. MAKE SURE that there isnt a beam of SUN shining through, this is not the kind of natural light I am talking about. Your house will have different kind of lighting throughout the day. What looks good one hour can quickly change the next. So be aware of that. Window lighting is beautiful and this is what makes eyes SPARKLE ** so if you are wanting those beautiful catchlights (thats what we photographers call them) find a window and shoot. 🙂

2. Take a varety of photos, dont just have your kid change faces and have the same background over and over. Mix it up~ Take photos of your kids hair, get closer and see if you can capture those little curls, those eyelashes, capture their profile. Take photos of what they are doing, take photos on different angles, what are they playing with? Take photos of that… Taking a variety of pictures will help create the entire scene.
Pull away and go far and take pictures of the whole thing~ so it looks like a glimpse of what is happening.

3. Change it up~
IF you are at the zoo for example look for colorful places to take photos at~ sometimes those famouse photo op spots are overrated and you can always find something better. So keep your eye open and see what catches your eye. Do the stuff I mentioned in #2 ~ you want to look back at the photos and remember the entire scene.
If you are going on vacation somewhere try to avoid photos that dont include you or your family. Sure a few pictures of landscapes are fun,but if you take a lot of landscapes and there are no people in the photos you have to stop 🙂 those photos can get pretty boring.

Take photos of textures~ if you are going to a beach vacation in Fort Myers,then take photos of the palm trees, take photos of the seashells, Zoon in and go closeup ~those texture shots can be interesting. HEY they even make for an ART display.. wouldnt it be nice to blow up a photo of a closeup you took and hang it in the living room?

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