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Yep I here you~ I know that even when you arent a photographer having thousands of pictures on your desktop and drives can be stressful and totally overwhelming. I get it.  Hopefully these little steps will help you organize your photos in a better way so you can either print them, or make albums, or give gifts or whatever your heart desires.

As an individual I am not going to lie, I am pretty unorganized . However  when it comes to my photos I am totally opposite.  I guess since I am a photographer I have forced myself to be partly organized. I have designed a system where I can easily find my photos whenever I want to find them.

Lets START by transferring your photos to your computer or hard drive.

* I have a HATE relationship with ITUNES. I dont like ITUNES, I think it takes too much space on my computer and I dont like it! So when I upload my photos from my iphone to my computer I just use  the copy and paste   method and this works for me.  After you have copied your folder to your computer add the date the photos were taken.. I usually just add the month, so I would put JULY2016  you can also put IPHONEJULY2016 . This way you know that all of your iphone photos are in one specific folder.


INVEST on an external hard drive or a USB, USBs are super reliable and are actually among the best for not losing your photos. External drives can be iffy as I have had many external drives all of a sudden not work. Among one of the best external drives are  the LaCie brand.

One thing I have learned is never totally trust one specific method  always use two.  (Diversify) Keep an eye for discounts on USBs , they are always going on sale and buy the biggest memory you can afford. The downside of an USB is that it is small and well you might lose it however being small is also a pro because you can easily store it.

Make it a point to back up whatever you have stored on your computer to a USB or external drive, or better yet do it all at the same time. While you are uploading to your computer upload them to your USB/external at the same time.


DELETE pictures that are not worthy.

I know.. It is hard to delete pictures of your baby , but not every picture you take needs to be saved, the less photos you have the less time it will take you to upload them. So when you are sitting down bored instead of going to FB , just go ahead and go through your camera roll and delete all of those pics. You will also clear memory from your phone because I know very well how you go ahead to take your photo just so the window of ” Cannot take a picture…”  I know I know… But you really do not need 50 photos of your baby crawling. Pick out the best ones, delete the blurry pictures. Take a deep breathe. Dont bother saving pictures you really dont like. Although I am not going to lie, I get pretty close to my pictures and I hate deleting them. ONE good thing about deleting bad photos is that when I go back to look through my photos I only see good photos which inspires me to take more photos because I already forgot about the bad photos I took.  Why not make it a habit and delete 50 photos every week. 🙂



Find  the best way for you where you can find your photos, a thing I do is when I upload my iphone photos to my computer I go to the folder and pick the photos from an event say Christmas and take those photos (make sure you copy NEVER CUT when doing this) and make another folder Christmas2016



Remember the VHS cassettes? Where are they now? Even if you do have them how do watch them? Technology is always evolving ~ Media formats dont last forever, and even if you have your memories saved on a DVD it doesnt really matter if you dont have the technology to view them. Unfortunately there isnt a single solution for this, just keep up with technology and update where you save your photos too. Online storage works pretty good as well, it is pricey but its reliable. I have sued Back blaze in the past and they were good.  Also try Google photos, and of course a good one is Drop Box as you can upload the app on your phone and set it up so you can download your iphone photos to your Drop box account.

Cloud storage that are worth checking out



Amazon Cloud storage





Make  it a point to organize all the photos you want to print or do something with every month. This way you can easily keep up. IF you make time to set up a specific time to upload your photos then it will be less overwhelming. Find what works best for you, try different ways to see what works. You might want to upload your photos every week, or every 3 months.



What to do with your photos?

So you have spent all this time uploading your photos to storage and what happens next?  You never go back to them?

They stay on your computer?  NOOOOOOOOOOOO   Lets break you from that habit .  Here are 5 things you can do with your photos so they dont just stay on your computer for years.

1. Upload the app Groovebook to your phone~ For 2.99 every month you will receive 100 photos in a 4×6 album~ genious. You download the photos from your phone and each month you will receive a beautiful album.   I mean 2.99????????  my kids love seeing the pictures and going through these little stylish albums. Now  a little warning, the quality isnt spectacular ~ but for what it is its pretty amazing!!! HINT: if you edit the photos by making them brighter before you send them to be printed the photos will come out better as it tends to darken the pictures a bit.

2. IF you can splurge try Artifact uprising their little cool albums are pretty cool.  It is about 70 for a 50 page album. I have ordered this before and I did like it the quality wasnt worth 70. So I was a bit disappointed.

3. Kindred  is a photo book company I want to try, you can purchase 7.95 for a book and you get free shipping.  You get to design the album and put different photos in one page, you only get 24 pages which I think isnt enough but I should see how the quality is. It says it creates an album in 60 seconds which sounds pretty good.

4. Print them out in 4×6 and put them in regular photo albums. Print them in different sizes, make them huge, like 20×24, or 16×24!

5.  If you are wanting to print your instagram photos  Try FOXGRAM ~ its affordable and they are pretty cute! love the magnets and these make cute little gifts.

BONUS: Check out this wonderful printer, which I am drooling over, I SO NEED THIS.. MINI printer

HINT: A great idea is to print out yearly photo albums that are better quality.


Best Photo organizing APPS

1. UTIFUL  lets you organize neatly what you want to keep , it also makes it a time saver because it actually delete the photos from your camera roll.  This is a must if you want to organize your photo collection.

2. PicJoy  Another great app that makes it easy for you to organize your photos. From time to time you can find this app for free, but its usually .99 a deal if you ask me for all the headaches you will save having this. This app also deletes the photo from your camera roll, which is a problem a lot of people face.

3. Photo file  Organize your photos before you even take pictures.

4. MyPics You can also edit with this app which makes it pretty practical.


What are your favorite tools for organizing your photos? Any tips you have?


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