Natasha Cuevas Photography

Natasha Cuevas Photography

Natasha Cuevas was recently featured in the New York Times!

"Natasha's Cuevas pictures were so detailed that you could count the babies eyelashes in them"
The New York Times

Natasha Cuevas's fresh approach in creating images makes her style stand out.

She is Southwest Florida's new breed of lifestyle photographers who combines her editorial style with her hip and modern approach.

Majoring in Art, she has an eye for capturing a one of a kind photograph. She has taken the traditional photograph and revolutionized it to create a unique artistic form. "I am always trying to find a way to make every photograph different, I also want the honesty and real person to show in my pictures- that is what a picture should portray: truthfulness and passion of the individual."

"People often ask me how I photograph my own child- I simply photograph her being her and then  I add a colorful TWIST to her childhood by making ordinary things look extraordinary."

*LOVE*  that my clients do not have the same OLD photographs as everyone else, when someone books me its because they want something that is modern and trendy"

When you book Natasha Cuevas it is because you want something as unique as you are!

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