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Halloween crafts

yeah its October 22~mmm yeah where did October go? Who knows.. its my regular topic lately on how fast time passes by. So here I am scrambling to see what Halloween things, crafts, food etc I must do.. I have less than 10 days left.  AND I still need to find a good costume for my little ones first Halloween!! oh and get my daughters Halloween costume ready as well since its home made. Along with all these “Halloween” things.. I have about 20 shoots left to photograph.. :0 No pressure. The problem is that I really enjoy All these crafts but when I am so busy with other things.. I just don’t enjoy It when I am rushing and scrambling. I finally found a few crafts to do at my daughters class this year, gotta love Pinterest. If you are wanting a few ideas check these links out~ great way to decorate cookies. I will try to do this hopefully they will turn out A good website for crafts that you can easily make fast and easy Love those homemade pumpkins with the eyes and nose from magazines, I was thinking of taking photos of the kids and then have them cut out their own eyes, noses etc so they can make themselves a pumpkin that looks like them. That is too late for me to do, but will keep in mind next year. Now if I feel ambitious this would be fun Check this out for unique games that look like fun WE will be playing the doughnut game, I remember playing this game in parties in Mexico. The game cat your tongue where you cant say certain words like “Halloween” “costume” so funny.

halloween craftspinthisimage

How cute is this little fellow? The best part is that its healthy!

halloween food craftpinthisimage

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