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Deleting photos l Sanibel photographers

When visiting Sanibel Florida I am sure you will take a lot of pictures~ the last thing you want is someting to happen to your wonderful vacation photos. Also remember that hiring a professional  photographer while on vacation is always nice, check out the variety of all the Sanibel Photographers.

I am going to let you in on a secret of mine, I hate deleting photos.  Client photos and personal photos, which is why I own so many CF cards and so many external drives , USB drives. I back up on different backup services and I even own my own cloud back up. With all these backup systems you would think that I wouldn’t have a problem deleting photos from the actual CF cards that I use for my photo shoots. But I do. I am afraid of not finding my photos, I am afraid that even if I have them saved in different places I will lose them. Which leads me to my iPhone, I always back up my phone.

Not only should you back up your phone you should always have a back up system on your computer. You never know when a virus might attack your computer and then you lose everything. 🙁

Great back up services I have used  are Carbonite, ( I didnt like this very much because it took a long time to recover files, and then if you wanted them fast you needed to buy an external drive of your images, which was too expensive. Backblaze was ok I think it was better than Carbonite. I am currently using my own cloud, which I have installed to synch with my phone and computer~ that way it automatically saves all the photos.  So check into getting your own system and see if this is something you might like. The setup was not as easy but the phone tech support was great and they guide you step by step making it really simple.




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