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What to wear photo shoots


So I am doing a bunch of senior sessions in the next couple of months, here is some inspiration for those of you who are lost about clothing choices. Clothes are really important when it comes to a photo shoot, It can bring the best of you if you choose clothing that the camera loves. Texture, like sweaters look great in pictures. however I know that living in Florida sweaters is a hard piece of clothing to wear, but its doable. Avoid WHITE.. yes many people believe white is a great color (or not really a color) for photos. The truth is that white is just blah,it has its place when it comes to beach photos. However anywhere else white is like a big reflector and kind of boring.  Wear color but not alot of color, or be too matchy matchy~ if you look very matchy then it looks like you are trying too hard and your photos wont look effortless.

Get some great ideas and up to the minute trends

I know that in the midst of the summer heat layering is the farthest from your mind, however layering always looks good in photography so what I usually do is take quick photos with layering of clothes, that way you are not hot.  Some items I suggest bringing include: hats, jewelry, glasses/sunglasses, scarves.

The most important thing is to be you, you dont want to feel uncomfortable wearing something that is just not you. Are you classy, stylish, rocker?

Take into account location so it can match the style of clothing, our location is a big backdrop so what you wear is important. If we are doing beach sessions your favorite black dress will not match the backdrop. I really dont suggest beach sessions for senior photo shoots as its sandy and hot and its just difficult to change. I will give you ideas on where to meet as I have scoped lots of locations in the area.

Changing the way you look during a shoot will help keep the photos from looking like they were all taken on the same day.

I want you to have fun! and experience a real photoshoot – what you would find on a magazine or commercial/editorial shoot so the focus is all on you and we’ll take our time to get you some great shots!

Once we are booked I will guide you on what choices would work best for you.   Look forward in creating great images!

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