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If you are a mom to be or a new mom you must know by now that taking photos of your little one is VERY IMPORTANT! although iphone photos are nice because they are convenient and capture the day to day moments (trust me I have so many iphone photos..) but seriously iphone phone are pretty crappy awful.. I cant stress the importance of having nice quality photos of your baby, and not only of your baby but of you!!! I go through  my photos and all I see are photos that I took of my baby with someone else. REALLY? I have to bribe my older daughter to take photos of me and my little one playing together, of me carrying him. etc etc.. you get the picture.  Has it ever happened to you that you go and update your profile photo or go to find a photo for Throwback Thursday and there are no good photos of you??? HOW did that happen? or maybe you are just tired of the same photos.  I mean this happens to me and I am a photographer so I can only imagine for anyone else..

So I am here to urge you to take photos of you with your little one.. with my photo shoots I always like to take photos of you by yourself, I mean I take a few snaps and there you have your FB photo, if you own a business and need an updated photo, I am more than happy to take that photo for you when we take photos of the family. Get those photos done before your little one begins to walk, before they lose yet another tooth, before the Holidays get crazy and yet another YEAR passes that you don’t have your photos done.

I leave you with some images~ and  Awwww  I am seriously in love with these images, after all these years I still think these images are among my favorite newborn photographs. The color mixed with the genuine love of these pictures make my heart smile.The room photo is one of my favorites , love the editorial feel it has~ like I am peeking through without the knowing I am there. They stay this little for such a short period of time… I am looking at my little man and cant believe he has gotten so big.. 🙁 I don’t know where the time has gone. As a photographer I feel I don’t have enough photos of him.. I want to always take my camera out and capture him but I always forget or I am caught up in something. I mean don’t get me wrong, I take my camera out BUT not as much as I want to. I so wish my eyes where camera so I can capture every moment, his little chubbiness (is that even a word haha) his little toes, his eyes that are changing in color, so I think. Although I wish he would remain with his bright blue eyes. I look at them everyday wondering what his eyes will be like.
So if you are a mom or soon to be mom~ get those photos done, there is nothing that besides videos that you can look back and smile at how little your little one was.

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