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Holiday mini sessions

Well it didn’t quite dawn on me until I went to plan this years Holiday mini sessions that the Holidays are almost here!! WHATTTTT??? crazy crazy.. here I am thinking its still Summer.. could be this weather, or maybe its just me wanting to think its still June and July so subliminally  its still the best time of the year. 🙂 So upon marking my calendar and trying to figure out when I could book the these types of portrait session, I noticed I only have a few days I can do them.

YIKES! along with parties, events, trips and work.. days are few in between.  So I am in a frantic mode to get my Holiday Marketing materials done~ yep another thing on my list to do. AS if I didn’t have enough to do already.. so yes while I am writing this blog, I am thinking to myself, I don’t have time to even write on this blog.. Do these kind of things happen to you? I cant be the only one. So while I write this, I have about 12 family sessions to edit~ ~ maybe 30 emails to answer? and oh yes feed my children. oh and clean my house, and organize my room, and focus on my new website, the list goes on and on. I am getting stressed just typing what needs to be done. Oh and lets not forget about this whole social media marketing one needs to do these days. BLEH not a fan.. anyway got to go since my little one just opened the fridge and is eating cold spinach nuggets.~

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