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ft myers newborn photographerpinthisimagefort myers newborn photographerpinthisimagenewborn fort myers photographerspinthisimage

awww I smile everytime I see these pictures 🙂

I was looking for some old photos because I have a great opportunity that just came up and while looking for photos I stumbled upon these awesome photos I took about 8 years ago I believe. They are really some of my old time Fav’s

So upon searching for old photos I realized that I  have so many external drives that I just don’t know what to do with all of them :0 . I know that externals are smaller and smaller everytime. You should see my old external drives.. There are monsters.  I am looking for a kind of online storage to keep all of my photos and files. I do have a back up storage (always backup) but I am looking for something more. Keep in mind that I have thousands of photos, which mean thousands of GIGS.. and I want something that is fast to load. So I have been doing a lot of research and there are so many choices but none that I love.  I seriously need time to do everything I need to do. The hours pass by fast and I just cant find the time to do everything I want to do. Does this happen to everyone? I feel like I cant keep up. Work is busy, family is busy, hobbies, fun, eating everything is just busy all the time. ITs 12 am and I still have piles of work to do, so many sessions to edit, emails to email. AND I am so tired. I needddddd to gooooo toooo beeeeddddd soooonnnnnn before my little one wakes up :0


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