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Choosing a good DSLR camera for professional photography

I get a lot of emails asking what kind of camera I use~ I know a lot of photographers who would get offended at this question. Because well its really not the camera that makes the photo right? its the photographer, I mean if it were the camera why would you need a photographer? Although I totally agree with the fact that it really isnt the camera that is of most importance I cant pretend it doesn’t really matter .   I used to ask this question all the time, I would want to know what camera my favorite photographer was using, because I just *knew* (wink wink) that if I bought THAT same camera I would create the same exact images those photographers created.. mmm well I was wrong haha.. it didn’t happen. So its a mix of knowing what you are doing and camera and editing and style and lots of factors 🙂

With that said  I have been wanting a new camera for a while, the problem is that there isn’t one camera out there that does everything I want it to do~ I like the Nikon cameras for their colors, the overall feel of the camera I like the best. However the Canon in my opinion is a good camera when it comes to lifestyle photography. All of my favorite photographers use the Canon and well that is one the reasons I purchased the Canon. The  colors are ok, sometimes depending on the light in certain situations the colors of the photos are very nice. I like the washed out dreamy colors these days. I used to like saturated colorful colors~ as every other photographer out there. It was a trend I enjoyed. Now not so much.. I love color, colorful pictures are awesome however when they are saturated and when contrast are used too much I am not a fan. These days I actually take color out, so I can get that washed out color I so love. I think one of the most important things when it comes to photos is the editing that is done to them after the photo shoot is over. You can take the two same photos and apply different techniques and the outcome will be totally different.  So right now I own both the Nikon DSLR and the Canon DSLR and I shoot with both of them at the same time, I always get the same question. Why do you use different cameras?  So there isn’t a camera out there that I totally love but I can feel it coming out soon haha we should see.

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