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Choosing a good DSLR camera for professional photography

I get a lot of emails asking what kind of camera I use~ I know a lot of photographers who would get offended at thisView full post »

Things to do in Fort Myers Florida

Another Halloween has passed by~ and it will be November tomorrow.. YiKES!  Can you believe it? Ok so November is oneView full post »

Halloween crafts

yeah its October 22~mmm yeah where did October go? Who knows.. its my regular topic lately on how fast time passes by.View full post »

Fort Myers photographers

awww I smile everytime I see these pictures 🙂 I was looking for some old photos because I have a great opportunityView full post »

Sanibel Photographer Natasha Cuevas

If you love crafts as much as I do then check this site out This isView full post »

What to wear photo shoots

So I am doing a bunch of senior sessions in the next couple of months, here is some inspiration for those of you whoView full post »