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yeah its October 22~mmm yeah where did October go? Who knows.. its my regular topic lately on how fast time passes by. So here I am scrambling to see what Halloween things, crafts, food etc I must do.. I have less than 10 days left.  AND I still need to find a good costume for my little ones first Halloween!! oh and get my daughters Halloween costume ready as well since its home made. Along with all these “Halloween” things.. I have about 20 shoots left to photograph.. :0 No pressure. The problem is that I really enjoy All these crafts but when I am so busy with other things.. I just don’t enjoy It when I am rushing and scrambling. I finally found a few crafts to do at my daughters class this year, gotta love Pinterest. If you are wanting a few ideas check these links out~ great way to decorate cookies. I will try to do this hopefully they will turn out http://www.annies-eats.com/2009/10/29/halloween-sugar-cookies/ A good website for crafts that you can easily make fast and easy http://theresjustonemommy.com/2013/10/12/3-kids-halloween-crafts/#comment-33821 Love those homemade pumpkins with the eyes and nose from magazines, I was thinking of taking photos of the kids and then have them cut out their own eyes, noses etc so they can make themselves a pumpkin that looks like them. That is too late for me to do, but will keep in mind next year. Now if I feel ambitious this would be fun http://www.instructables.com/id/Dexter-Blood-Slide-Suckers-Eat-At-Your-Own-Risk/ Check this out for unique games that look like fun http://www.ehow.com/info_8329527_fun-halloween-game-ideas.html WE will be playing the doughnut game, I remember playing this game in parties in Mexico. The game cat your tongue where you cant say certain words like “Halloween” “costume” so funny.

halloween craftspinthisimage

How cute is this little fellow? The best part is that its healthy!

halloween food craftpinthisimage

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  Shooting with an On-Location Outdoor Photographer 

 It’s Autumn Season! The colors are vibrant again. Outdoor nature is especially beautiful during this time of the year. If you especially love nature, portraits, and autumn colors, perhaps you may want to get yourself – with your beau or your family (or pet!) – photographed amidst the backdrop of Mother Nature this season. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture the natural beauty of the fall colors and to have fun as well during your outdoor shoot.

I especially love to capture the warmth and laughter that prevails during this season’s special days and holidays. Happy and lively faces in their natural settings are my fancy. Whether the photos are for sweet-November-themed ‘save the date’ cards or the family portrait for Thanksgiving or Halloween, it’s the perfect opportunity to capture the moments in beautiful photos. Of course on-site wedding photography is my favorite too, and fall weddings are one of the best instances to deliver vibrant colorful pictures.

In terms of photography I’ve always loved taking shots of the ordinary and up-ing them a notch for creativity and interest. Real people and emotions are never a passé when it comes to art. Couple this with the perfect backdrop of natural scenery and natural lighting and everything comes into place. You probably get it – these are what make me ecstatic about autumn photography!

If you want to experience having your pictures taken on-location outdoors when the fall foliage are wonderful, you might want to consider getting a professional photographer to do it for you. The thing about outdoor photography is that maximizing the use of natural lighting could be a real challenge for novices. If you want the best pictures to come out of your shoot, coordinate with the best photographer nearest your area. I service the Fort Myers and Naples areas, Southwest Florida. I also do destination weddings and other on-location shoots in Captiva, Sanibel, and beyond.

Just a few tips when working with an on-location outdoor photographer like me. Prepare for the date of your shoot. Your clothing should be as comfortable as possible – in fact everything should be (extra) comfortable – since you are shooting outdoors. So prepare just as you would prepare for camping especially if you have kids tagging along. Everything should be perfect and everyone should be in their best moods. Get this right and surely you will get picture perfect.

Remember that most on-location outdoor shoots are done in the morning and/or late afternoons (or just after the rain) so make your schedule is available during these times. Lastly, just enjoy your shoot! Can’t wait to see the photos! ~Natasha C.

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daddy love in naplespinthisimagemarco island photographerspinthisimagefamily naples photographerpinthisimagefort myers photographerspinthisimagenaples beach photographerspinthisimage

FEll inlove with this family~ (J) is a photographer and came down to Florida to visit. I LOVE photographing other photographers. I always feel honored to be hired by other photographers.

Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful family 🙂

I love going to Marco Island and shooting at the beach~ I have found my favorite place in Naples and Marco Island.  Some clients worry about weather but let me tell you in Florida weather is perfect most of the time. It will rarely rain all day, and if its overcast that is a plus. I prefer it.

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A lot of my clients come from out of town and I am constantly asked what can be done around this area. So if you are wanting to know what things to do in Fort Myers Florida read on.

Below are my top picks on what to do when you come and visit Fort Myers.  IF you are feeling adventurous and would like to do interesting things that are really not that touristy but yet they are fun while visiting this area. Then read on

Visit the Cypress Slough Preserve


This place is a great place to take photos and to catch Florida’s wildlife, IT is a good place to go walking and just plain relaxing.



I love lakes park, its a good place to have a picnic, to ride your bike. WE have parties here all the time and the kids absolutely love being outdoors. My favorite part is the lake where you can rent little boats, when the weather is nice renting a boat is sooooo good. love it!

Edison Winter Estates


WEll this is a given.. haha you must go to the Edison home if you are in town.

A MUST.. Although it took me several years to visit this great place when I moved to Fort Myers it was worth the wait.  I shoot a lot of weddings here, great landscape and the old houses are very pretty.



This is a hidden gem!

Love this place, when you are hot and need a drink during those hot summer months stop by for a refreshing juice or an icecream!

Grapefruit juice is one of my FAVORITES!

They also have unique florida gifts that you can bring back home~ yummy keylime pie 🙂

Bunche Beach

One of my favorite beaches, very calming and relaxing. I like it because its nice ad secluded.

Good for bird watching as well.

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If you are a mom to be or a new mom you must know by now that taking photos of your little one is VERY IMPORTANT! although iphone photos are nice because they are convenient and capture the day to day moments (trust me I have so many iphone photos..) but seriously iphone phone are pretty crappy awful.. I cant stress the importance of having nice quality photos of your baby, and not only of your baby but of you!!! I go through  my photos and all I see are photos that I took of my baby with someone else. REALLY? I have to bribe my older daughter to take photos of me and my little one playing together, of me carrying him. etc etc.. you get the picture.  Has it ever happened to you that you go and update your profile photo or go to find a photo for Throwback Thursday and there are no good photos of you??? HOW did that happen? or maybe you are just tired of the same photos.  I mean this happens to me and I am a photographer so I can only imagine for anyone else..

So I am here to urge you to take photos of you with your little one.. with my photo shoots I always like to take photos of you by yourself, I mean I take a few snaps and there you have your FB photo, if you own a business and need an updated photo, I am more than happy to take that photo for you when we take photos of the family. Get those photos done before your little one begins to walk, before they lose yet another tooth, before the Holidays get crazy and yet another YEAR passes that you don’t have your photos done.

I leave you with some images~ and  Awwww  I am seriously in love with these images, after all these years I still think these images are among my favorite newborn photographs. The color mixed with the genuine love of these pictures make my heart smile.The room photo is one of my favorites , love the editorial feel it has~ like I am peeking through without the knowing I am there. They stay this little for such a short period of time… I am looking at my little man and cant believe he has gotten so big.. 🙁 I don’t know where the time has gone. As a photographer I feel I don’t have enough photos of him.. I want to always take my camera out and capture him but I always forget or I am caught up in something. I mean don’t get me wrong, I take my camera out BUT not as much as I want to. I so wish my eyes where camera so I can capture every moment, his little chubbiness (is that even a word haha) his little toes, his eyes that are changing in color, so I think. Although I wish he would remain with his bright blue eyes. I look at them everyday wondering what his eyes will be like.
So if you are a mom or soon to be mom~ get those photos done, there is nothing that besides videos that you can look back and smile at how little your little one was.

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