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 Natasha Cuevas Photography specializes in senior models photography, family photography, newborn photography, and serves the Naples, Florida area, including Fort Myers,Sanibel, Captiva , Marco Island and  Southwest Florida.

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How to Master Newborn Photography!

Newborn Photography can often be a huge challenge if you’re not properly prepared or not experienced enough. While there are quite a few Naples newborn photographers and Sanibel photographers, there is always space for somebody new and talented like you.

Newborn photography is a skill that can be learned and perfected over a period of time and after several attempts at it. Most Naples newborn photographers and Sanibel photographers take months, and even years to perfect their craft. It’s difficult to get perfect newborn pictures with your first attempt, so don’t be disheartened if your first few attempts at photographing newborns don’t go as perfectly as planned.

Just follow our great tips and try to do better the next time. So here are our tips to help you capture those perfect pictures that a perfect baby deserves. Read on!

Tip 1# Be well prepared

Keep your studio well decked and perfectly primed for the newborn photography session. Most Sanibel photographers and Naples newborn photographers work very hard on getting the blankets/ fabrics, props and the background just right. You should focus on the getting the floor setup right with the perfect fabrics, all the props and with the right background decorations lined up against the wall. Try to visualize the entire session hours before the baby is brought to the studio, so that you already have the poses planned much earlier.

Tip 2# Happy Babies = Spectacular Newborn Photographs

It’s quite simple. If the baby is upset for some reason, a newborn photography session never goes well, regardless of your preparations. Be in constant touch with the parents so that they have the baby well fed, with clean, warm and comfortable clothing and properly burped, before bringing the baby to the studio.

Set a relaxing music in the background; keep the temperature set between 80 to 85 degrees and stay relaxed around the baby. The best time for a newborn photography is in the second week after the birth, as that’s the time when the newborns give the best poses.

Tip 3# The Best Newborn Poses

Fabric or Blanket Poses

You should start with the fabric or blanket poses. Newborns like lying on their tummies, all curled up, so that allows you to get the best curled up poses to take photos of. You should perfect one pose at a time. Take a picture of the baby nude, one with a scarf or a wrap and one with a hat. These are the standard poses you start off with in your career as a newborn photographer.

Flooring Poses

Flooring poses are quite challenging and require you to work the baby with the props kept by you for this. Babies don’t take easily to props and often get restless. You will have to sooth the baby when this happens, so that she falls asleep again.

Mom and Dad Poses

The best newborn photography is done with all three, Mom, Dad and the baby. First have the mom pose with the baby, then the dad, and then take a picture of all three together. Capturing the photographs of happy and proud parents with their lovely newborn is the best part of being a newborn photographer, and makes you really fall in love with your job!

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Well its been a busy couple of months~ graduation photos, newborn photos, weddings~ and on the personal side I also have been dealing with graduation. So sad to see photos of your little one going off to kindergarten for the first time and then all of a sudden in a blink of an eye she is headed to 6th grade. Its crazy~ don’t have words to describe it. I know that I am happy that I have a younger one still, so that I can experience all those things again.. however what happens when he is off to 6th grade? Maybe I should keep having babies that way it never ends 🙂

With the Summer being here I am booking my calendar up with beach sessions, I recently found the perfect spot in Naples to take beach photos! My secret little spot~ LOVE!

I am currently doing some sessions for a company in Canada who contacted me for some editorial shots for their clothing company!  YAY! so exciting~ I would post some pics when I have all these  shoots done. The models did wonderful and I am thankful to have a group of models who are reliable and are always sooooo hard working.

If you are wanting to do some fun things in the Fort Myers area during the summer here are a list of suggestions that I have personally have done with the kids.

This has been in Fort Myers for a while , something different to do with the family for sure

Southwest Florida museum of history

This is on my calendar~

So much fun!!

How about a show?

They always have great shows you can take the kids too. Annie was a great show~ loved it!

This looks pretty interesting~ I haven’t been to it but I might have to go this Summer.  Touch a starfish here

I have also recently taken over a moms group where we meet up every week with fun events for the kids. I love finding new things to do in the area, so if you are wanting to join a fun moms group contact me and Ill send over all the details. This is a great way to meet new moms in the area, first time moms who want to meet new friends, moms who stay at home and are eager to have some adult interaction haha 🙂

Here are some fun things to do as far as Summer camps go

An Alternative to your typical sports camp check this unique camp being offered at Canterbury school in Fort Myers

Video creation camp~ now that’s my kind of camp!

Now I know its hot~ but something about being in the water in the Summer that just screams Summer fun so how about

I mean what’s the Summer without some water right?

Attention future marine biologists this sounds pretty awesome

Check out this video and get inspired by the oceans natural wonders~ Tiger shark camp sounds pretty awesome when you go back to school and your classmates ask you what you’ve been up to all summer.

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I get a lot of emails asking what kind of camera I use~ I know a lot of photographers who would get offended at this question. Because well its really not the camera that makes the photo right? its the photographer, I mean if it were the camera why would you need a photographer? Although I totally agree with the fact that it really isnt the camera that is of most importance I cant pretend it doesn’t really matter .   I used to ask this question all the time, I would want to know what camera my favorite photographer was using, because I just *knew* (wink wink) that if I bought THAT same camera I would create the same exact images those photographers created.. mmm well I was wrong haha.. it didn’t happen. So its a mix of knowing what you are doing and camera and editing and style and lots of factors 🙂

With that said  I have been wanting a new camera for a while, the problem is that there isn’t one camera out there that does everything I want it to do~ I like the Nikon cameras for their colors, the overall feel of the camera I like the best. However the Canon in my opinion is a good camera when it comes to lifestyle photography. All of my favorite photographers use the Canon and well that is one the reasons I purchased the Canon. The  colors are ok, sometimes depending on the light in certain situations the colors of the photos are very nice. I like the washed out dreamy colors these days. I used to like saturated colorful colors~ as every other photographer out there. It was a trend I enjoyed. Now not so much.. I love color, colorful pictures are awesome however when they are saturated and when contrast are used too much I am not a fan. These days I actually take color out, so I can get that washed out color I so love. I think one of the most important things when it comes to photos is the editing that is done to them after the photo shoot is over. You can take the two same photos and apply different techniques and the outcome will be totally different.  So right now I own both the Nikon DSLR and the Canon DSLR and I shoot with both of them at the same time, I always get the same question. Why do you use different cameras?  So there isn’t a camera out there that I totally love but I can feel it coming out soon haha we should see.

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Awww I love taking photos of newborns~ they are the most awesome subject to photograph. I cant emphasize enough that when wanting to take photos of newborns it should be within the first 7-10 day timeframe.  Remember that while you might be on a budget I always recommend splurging a little extra and hire a professional photographer. “What if my friend who is building her portfolio wants to take photos of my new baby?” While its fine that you are helping your friend out it is important to be aware that taking photographs of newborns is not an easy task.. Number one priority is the safety of your baby.. if your friend is starting out that leads me to believe she must not have a lot of experience with newborns. A lot of the photos that you might like to recreate are composites, which is really just an illusion that makes you believe baby is actually hanging from a branch or posing their hands adorably. Its all an illusion that goes beyond taking photos. Its a lot of photoshop!

There are different poses that you would want to capture as well~Not only is safety a concern but also how taking newborn photos without waking up baby is important.  You need to be like a baby whisperer haha because some babies (mine included) wake up the moment you put them down.  It takes hours sometimes to be able to capture one shot. Patience is very important. Some babies are good and you can get a good shot within the first 15 minutes, others though you need to prepare in advance~ which is why I always give you a guide on what to do while preparing for your photoshoot.So please hire a professional, taking photos of newborns is like taking photos of a wedding. You only get one chance to capture this stage~ trust me this stage you will want to remember because it passes by soooo quick. 🙁  I love taking photos of the lifestyle approach as well, mom with baby on bed~ enjoying your time with your new arrival.

Moms not always want to be in the photos with baby, I always suggest its always a good idea for mom to take photos with baby because again this time will soon be gone and trust me no matter how tired you look you will WANT a photo of you and baby when baby was a newborn. It doesn’t matter if you have had no sleep~ that’s why there is photoshop 🙂

happy 11 day old ~pinthisimage

cute little newborn

11 days old pinthisimage

family of 3

newborn photopinthisimage

cute little one

newborn photopinthisimage

mom,dad and newbornl photo


newborn photographers in Fort Myers Floridapinthisimage

relaxing with new baby



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