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I have been photographing a lot of models lately and I am just loving it!!!

To all those kids and teens who are interested in the modeling world remember that you can do anything that you want- dont let anyone tell you that you can’t do it– you CAN! Just work hard and if its your passion go for it!

Also remember that a legit agency will not make you pay for their services and won’t tell you to take photographs with a specific photographer- =)

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  • Jefra - You’re so inspiring!!

Had the pleasure of photographing Jeannie’s family….

Both "papa" and Shirley were awesome– the boys were adorable— they loved playing in the sand~ Baby Reece said "papa" for the first time infront of the camera and I captured that!!! that was exciting! Hope you guys had a relaxing vacation~

webgallery will be up shortly!Jeannie

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