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snuggles in fort myers

Another hot Summer in Florida!  Even with this heat, I seem to be photographing a lot of beach sessions. I love photographing families who come and visit the Naples and Fort Myers area.  Alot of them wanting Photography of thNe family. It is always fun to photograph families, but sometimes when its this hot you can only take photos after sunset, even early morning can be hot at times. Never take photos at the beach after 10am or it will be horrible for you and for the kids. However since it is Florida and it is Summer, we always have rain, and rain even tough it tends to happen in the afternoon taking photos when its cloudy is WONDERFUL.. there is always a nice breeze and its overcast, THE BESTTTTT .. if I could bottle this weather up, and bottle these wonderful clouds to be overcast for every session I take it would be AMAZING>>> So I plan every beach session accordingly, I could be a weather person really because that is what I seem to do during the Summer! What trips are you planning?  I really love the Summer and I loveeeeeeee not having a bedtime, or a routine blah blah,, my FAVORITE!!!   I leave you with some nice beach sessionsfort-myers-photographerspinthisimagefort-myerspinthisimageIMG_5142pinthisimageinspire (25)pinthisimagenaples photographerspinthisimage

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Hi guys!

So every week I will be sharing unedited, raw iPhone photos of me and my family 🙂 I cant carry my camera all the time so iPhone photos is what everyone these days takes. I love iPhone photos because you can take some awesome shots and well you don’t miss a shot now… every moment can now be captured in a pretty artsy way these days.

Check out this wedding that was shot all using iphones and processed on instagram

very cool photos!



family iPhone photospinthisimage

family iPhone photos


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I love my clients who come every year to visit Fort Myers and then do a photoshoot with the family! Love seeing them, I wish they didn’t grow up sooooo fast… but love all those smiles I get. Beach photos as you can see are the most popular in this area.  Parrish Family thanks for allowing me to capture your beautiful moments! See you soon

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family in fort myerspinthisimage

having fun at fort myers beach

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family photos on the beachpinthisimage

fort myers beach


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So for 2015 I will be sharing more pictures of my little adorable family which I never do.. Don’t know why but I never share personal images.
Halloween of 2014~ I ran into these pictures of my little one celebrating Halloween.. Mary Poppins in the house.. 🙂 Little man was Mickey Mouse but don’t have a picture on hand of that one.


hanging out with my littles

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WELCOME 2015~!!!  2015  it arrived quick and fast. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! This is always a sad time for me, putting Christmas things away 🙁 not seeing my Christmas tree lights flickering which always brings me soooo much happiness..  (Which is why I try to keep my tree up for a while haha) My daughters first day of school back from Holiday break was sad, house was quiet and little man and me missed her soooo much. I am not a fan of schedules, day to day routines Blech.. homework, studying, bedtimes NOT A FAN.

Resolutions for 2015

I will write more often on my blog since this is now my main website

I will create more time!not sure how I will accomplish this one

I will workout

I will eat healthier

I will play more with my children

I will spend time online

I will spend less time on my phone


There are many sessions I did at the end of 2014.. here is one of many others I will post.. Here is to a great 2014! Thanks to all of my wonderful clients who keep me doing what I love!





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