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Choosing a good DSLR camera for professional photography


I get a lot of emails asking what kind of camera I use~ I know a lot of photographers who would get offended at this question. Because well its really not the camera that makes the photo right? its the photographer, I mean if it were the camera why would you need a photographer? Although I totally agree with the fact that it really isnt the camera that is of most importance I cant pretend it doesn’t really matter what camera you use.  Of course it matters~ I used to ask this question all the time, I would want to know what camera my favorite photographer was using, because I just *knew* (wink wink) that if I bought THAT same camera I would create the same exact images those photographers created.. mmm well I was wrong haha.. it didn’t happen. So its a mix of knowing what you are doing and camera and editing and style and lots of factors:)

With that said  I have been wanting a new camera for a while, the problem is that there isn’t one camera out there that does everything I want it to do~ I like the Nikon cameras for their colors, the overall feel of the camera I like the best. However the Canon in my opinion is a good camera when it comes to lifestyle photography. All of my favorite photographers use the Canon and well that is one the reasons I purchased the Canon. The  colors are ok, sometimes depending on the light in certain situations the colors of the photos are very nice. I like the washed out dreamy colors these days. I used to like saturated colorful colors~ as every other photographer out there. It was a trend I enjoyed. Now not so much.. I love color, colorful pictures are awesome however when they are saturated and when contrast are used too much I am not a fan. These days I actually take color out, so I can get that washed out color I so love. I think one of the most important things when it comes to photos is the editing that is done to them after the photo shoot is over. You can take the two same photos and apply different techniques and the outcome will be totally different.  So right now I own both the Nikon DSLR and the Canon DSLR and I shoot with both of them at the same time, I always get the same question. Why do you use different cameras?  So there isn’t a camera out there that I totally love but I can feel it coming out soon haha we should see.

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naples florida newborn photographers


Awww I love taking photos of newborns~ they are the most awesome subject to photograph. I cant emphasize enough that when wanting to take photos of newborns it should be within the first 7-10 day timeframe.  Remember that while you might be on a budget I always recommend splurging a little extra and hire a professional photographer. “What if my friend who is building her portfolio wants to take photos of my new baby?” While its fine that you are helping your friend out it is important to be aware that taking photographs of newborns is not an easy task.. Number one priority is the safety of your baby.. if your friend is starting out that leads me to believe she must not have a lot of experience with newborns. A lot of the photos that you might like to recreate are composites, which is really just an illusion that makes you believe baby is actually hanging from a branch or posing their hands adorably. Its all an illusion that goes beyond taking photos. Its a lot of photoshop! There are different poses that you would want to capture as well~Not only is safety a concern but also how taking newborn photos without waking up baby is important.  You need to be like a baby whisperer haha because some babies (mine included) wake up the moment you put them down.  It takes hours sometimes to be able to capture one shot. Patience is very important. Some babies are good and you can get a good shot within the first 15 minutes, others though you need to prepare in advance~ which is why I always give you a guide on what to do while preparing for your photoshoot.So please hire a professional, taking photos of newborns is like taking photos of a wedding. You only get one chance to capture this stage~ trust me this stage you will want to remember because it passes by soooo quick. :(  I love taking photos of the lifestyle approach as well, mom with baby on bed~ enjoying your time with your new arrival.  Moms not always want to be in the photos with baby, I always suggest its always a good idea for mom to take photos with baby because again this time will soon be gone and trust me no matter how tired you look you will WANT a photo of you and baby when baby was a newborn. It doesn’t matter if you have had no sleep~ that’s why there is photoshop:)

cute little newborn

family of 3

cute little one

mom,dad and newbornl photo


relaxing with new baby



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Gift certificates naples and fort myers


Its beginning to look like Christmas! 

Six more shopping days left! So if you are scrambling to get the perfect gift for that difficult person~ look no more. How about a gift certificate for  a photo session.  There are not a lot of gifts out there that will last a lifetime.. this is one of them. I mean who doesn’t love photos? So the weather just now feels like the Holidays are here. It was beginning to feel the cold weather was never going to get here. I wanted to go and buy a tree but it really didn’t feel like Christmas, so I had to buy a tree while still 80 degrees outside. I don’t want to rub it in anyones faces, especially with the terrible weather up north.  All of my clients who are from out of town are really enjoying the weather. I usually would have to be all covered up for my beach sessions during this time but haven’t had to. Its been quite perfect.

Had a blast with the {S} family.. They had a blast and were so laid back and awesome!! I hope I get to see them again.:)Look at the fun we had. 5 boys and 1 girl…:)


Just found this wonderful blog, check it out familytravelmagazine Where you will find information on any travel and tips for the family.

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thanksgiving in fort myers


I just ready that it was the 8th hottest October recorded in history.. and yes I believe it is because its has been a very hot season. to think that we are at the end of November is crazy.. another month has gone by, it seems like I am always writing on how fast time has been passing, I just feel its a part of my life and I always feel like month after month passes by so quickly. I wrapped up a bunch of Holiday mini sessions~ it was nice seeing all of my clients that I have been photographing for the past years. LOVE to watch them grow. and I love how Loyal my clients are.:)BIG hugs to everyone out there!!

Here are some great thanksgiving ideas~

by shugarysweets

Don’t they look delicious? Yummy

So while looking for good crafts for children so they can do at school or at home I stumbled upon this on pinterest

 I have done this where we write these little notes and put them inside a mason jar, so Adorable! still have them from years ago. I like doing crafts that will last, don’t like crafts that are made of paper and we end up throwing away. I love meaningful crafts that we can all do and look back, so when the kids grow we can always have them.

Talk about beautiful leaves… love and will be doing this emilyisabellejournal  great artist.. love!!

The colors she used for the leaves makes my heart melt. Check and follow her tumblr

I do love the choice of leaves she chose, they aren’t perfect, each leaf has a personality of their own~ simply adorable.

I love finding new ideas so I figured I am going to start sharing these ideas on here, although I am photographer I am a big fan of crafts! and would love to incorporate my love for the craft world on here since I only have time to write on one blog. I have no time as it is and having two separate blogs would be impossible for now. Might do this later in 2014, for now I am doing it here.. so if you are a fan of photography or a fan of craft ideas, we know that pinterest in king BUT looking through all the pinterest posts can be overwhelming at least for me it is, there is so much good information that I am narrowing down all of my favorites and posting some here.

Look at what I found, a great way to chart your little ones progress with a whiteboard, so we put the photo on there and then write the most exciting milestone.

I am kind of jealous of this one as my little one has not slept that long since he was born a year ago!!!

Anyways have a great Thanksgiving with the family and be thankful for all the blessings in your life…



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holiday sessions in naples


ONLY 40 days till CHRISTMAS!! The Holidays are around the corner, it will be thanksgiving in two more weeks! In 7 days my little one will turn one!! :0 WHERE did this year go? Babies should stay babies longer!!!! its not fair how fast they grow~ and well everyone outthere who has kids knows and knows exactly what I am talking about.

IT is that time of year for our Holiday mini sessions!! I am booking another round of these sessions since I sold out on my first round..  YAY, last year I was rushing to do these because I was going to deliver any minute. Now a year later and let me tell how this year has been the fastest year thus far. I am setting up my holiday mini sessions. SO get them while they last because these go extremely fast. I only do these once  year, since I only offer a few spots at a time it is first come first serve. Grab your little family, dress them up in cute little outfits but not too matchy. matchy, tell your husband it will only take 15 minutes out of his day. This is a perfect session for whoever is wanting a photo for their Christmas cards, gifts for the family, enlargements and canvases.

I have so many wardrobe options this year for you guys, I would be happy to email you the info so you can see all of these beautiful clothes!

Because I feel so Christmasy ( is that how you spell that?) I am giving  a lucky person a mini session! Ok so here is the deal ~ subscribe to my email newsletters and we will automatically put you in for our drawing. I will notify you via email if you are the winner.

You know what would be a great gift? A photo session ofcourse, it lasts a lifetime. I mean how many gifts out there can you say they are gifts for  lifetime? NOT MANY. So for that hard to shop family or friend why not give them a gift certificate. Oh and I am doing something spectacular this year~ I will be offering Mini session Gift certificates~ which means it will be cheaper YAY! I know the Holidays can be tough on your wallet so with this mini gift certificate you wont have to spend that much.  Email me and Ill be happy to email you all the details on this great GIFT idea!

I leave you with this great website you must check out annekata a great source on how to make tape! WE all need tape this holiday and WAIT until you see that you can make your own tape using anything ( like fabric) yep fabric.. AMAZING! in another life I want to be a crafter because I loveeeeee new ideas and making things. Although I don’t have time because I clearly don’t make time to do all these fun things.

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