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Fort Myers, Florida PhotoPlaydates are here

After years of having this idea, I am finally getting a chance to do this

Introducing  PHOTOPLAYDATES in the Fort Myers and Naples area~ I even bought the domain and website so I could have a website just for this! Website is still in the designing process since I have like other 4 websites and blogs I have to keep up with and well it is the BUSY season so the website will have to wait until 2015. For now  I am excited to introduce a simple yet fun way to have your photos taken.  Photo playdates start with the structure of your typical playdate~  friends, kids getting together for a fun playdate and on the side have some professional and affordable portraits taken of the kids and yes you can also be included in theseFort Myers, Florida PhotoPlaydates are here

So here are the details

The playdate can be at a house or park~

Hostess gets atleast 4 familes together

Photoplaydate fee $50 per family

After 2 weeks you get a link to your online viewing gallery where you purchase the photos you like

With the Holidays just around the corner this will make a great gift and to think you did it while multitasking Playdates and Photos at the same time … CHECK



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Naples, Florida Holiday mini sessions

naples florida holiday mini sessions

Claim your spot! Email me at

Holiday sessions are back, its that time of the year CHRISTMAS time!! how exciting! I know its still hot in Naples Florida, but don’t let that distract you to making you believe the Holidays aren’t around the corner because wellllll mmmm they kind of are. If you are wanting photos for those Christmas cards these are the  perfect photo sessions for you.  Because I only offer these once a year they always fill up fast, Mini sessions are done in 20 minutes time spots this years mini sessions will be at Lakes Park  :)  and to all you Naples clients I have~ I don’t have any plans on having mini sessions in Naples however if you get 4 or more families together we can make that happen!Naples, Florida Holiday mini sessions

I love doing mini sessions because I get to see my favorite little people, Although I hate watching them grow up  its always so special to see them grow up through out the years.

So heres the deal~

Get your beautiful little family together~
throw on some cute outfits together, tell your husband it will be easy (painless :)  )  and only 20 minutes out of his day.Let’s have some fun and take some awesome photos for your Holiday cards, or to give out as gifts or to hang on your walls!Spots are limited and fill up quickly~ email me at for date and times.
Hope I get to see you guys!
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Naples, Florida photographer l how to add computer photos to your instagram

Well I have been trying to figure how to add photos to instagram from computer, however everytime I start to research this I get sidetracked with yet another endeavor and never find out how to add regular computer photos to your instagram.. well FINALLY after installing different programs and uninstalling them because they sucked really good..  I finally discovered how to add them. WANNA know??? are you ready??? now be warned if I tell you you will be like WHAT?? why didn’t I think of this before~ yep that was me. OK so here it goes~ the big secret that obviously is difficult to find which is why I decided to blog about it. How to add PC computer photos to your instagram~ with Dropbox! YEP dropbox~ make sure you have the app on your phone, and then well you download the photo to your dropbpx account on your PC and then once its there it will be on your phone~ from there you just save the photo to your phone photos and then its there. DUH, that was simple easy and I cant believe I didn’t even think about this.  Also looking for online help on how to add photos to your instagram is not as easy as you would think, which is why I decided to write about it even though I am just a Naples photographer.

I recently updated my instagram because I had the old instagram, which I liked because my photos weren’t uploading to the instagram “social crowd” and well I liked it that way.. although I am a big instagram user, I like to use it behind the scenes, I don’t want people looking at the photos I am taking~ So why do I use instagram you might ask.. WELL because I like the filters, it just makes all your pictures pretty. And being a photographer I like that my regular snapshots look pretty.. so I was stuck uploading my instagram and well now all the photos are uploading the the big web of happiness or whatever you might call it.

So I realized that you can do videos, and the videos are pretty cool, I mean photos are cool but videos?? well they are more entertaining.~ and with filters on videos? just plain awesome. That is my next project~ experimenting with video mmmmmNaples, Florida photographer l how to add computer photos to your instagram

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Holiday mini sessions

Well it didn’t quite dawn on me until I went to plan this years Holiday mini sessions that the Holidays are almost here!! WHATTTTT??? crazy crazy.. here I am thinking its still Summer.. because well it feels like Summer in my head, maybe its the hot weather? or maybe its just me wanting to think its still summer so subliminally  its still Summer.Holiday mini sessionsSo upon marking my calendar and trying to figure out when I could book the Holiday sessions, I noticed I only have a few days I can do these sessions. YIKES! along with parties, events, trips and sessions.. days are few in between.  So I am in a frantic mode to get my Holiday Marketing materials done~ yep another thing on my list to do. AS if I didn’t have enough to do already.. so yes while I am writing this blog, I am thinking to myself, I don’t have time to even write on this blog.. BUT I must continue with my blogging and not just forget about it like I have done in the past. Do these kind of things happen to you? I cant be the only one. So while I write this, I have about 12 sessions to edit~ 3 sessions to send to the printer~ maybe 8 emails to answer? and oh yes feed my children. oh and clean my house, and organize my room, and focus on my new website, the list goes on and on. I am getting stressed just typing what needs to be done. Oh and lets not forget about this whole social media marketing one needs to do these days. BLEH not a fan.. anyway got to go since my little one just opened the fridge and is eating cold spinach nuggets.~

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