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snuggles in fort myers

Another hot Summer in Florida!  Even with this heat, I seem to be photographing a lot of beach sessions. I love photographing families who come and visit the Naples and Fort Myers area.  Alot of them wanting Photography of thNe family. It is always fun to photograph families, but sometimes when its this hot you can only take photos after sunset, even early morning can be hot at times. Never take photos at the beach after 10am or it will be horrible for you and for the kids. However since it is Florida and it is Summer, we always have rain, and rain even tough it tends to happen in the afternoon taking photos when its cloudy is WONDERFUL.. there is always a nice breeze and its overcast, THE BESTTTTT .. if I could bottle this weather up, and bottle these wonderful clouds to be overcast for every session I take it would be AMAZING>>> So I plan every beach session accordingly, I could be a weather person really because that is what I seem to do during the Summer! What trips are you planning?  I really love the Summer and I loveeeeeeee not having a bedtime, or a routine blah blah,, my FAVORITE!!!   I leave you with some nice beach sessionsfort-myers-photographerspinthisimagefort-myerspinthisimageIMG_5142pinthisimageinspire (25)pinthisimagenaples photographerspinthisimage

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